Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa ) Essay

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a support group that reaches out to those who have an addiction to alcohol in order to bring them to sobriety and change their lives for the better. One of the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings offered in the city of Mount Vernon is held at Faith Lutheran Church. Attending this meeting allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the struggle of alcohol addiction and the recovery process, and has highlighted the tremendous impact that AA has made on thousands of lives throughout the United States.
The majority of the meeting centered on a guest speaker who had personally been transformed through the twelve steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. The speaker shared his life story, relating how he had struggled with drugs and alcohol from an early age. He explained how the AA program helped him to change his mindset so that he could become a better person. He encouraged the attendees of the meeting to stick with the program and truly give themselves to the application of the twelve steps in their lives. He explained that he was actively engaged in the program for several years after attaining sobriety, and then gradually stopped coming to meetings, thinking that it was no longer necessary for him to continue being a part of the group because he was no longer drinking. After a few years, however, he found himself in the middle of a messy divorce, having problems with anger management, and was starting to want to hurt other people. He decided…

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