Alcoholic Anonymous and Al-Anon Meetings Essay

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Alcoholic Anonymous and Al-Anon Groups
Nicole P. Thompson
Coker College
Professor: Jean D. Keefe
April 13, 2009

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Al-Anon groups have helped a lot of people become sober, and to deal with an alcoholic family member. It takes a lot for a person to first admit to having a drinking problem, and then share their experiences with a room full of people. If they want help, that is what they have to do. Research on two AA meetings provided a lot of knowledge and understanding. Alcoholic Anonymous and Al-Anon Groups
The purpose of this research paper was to attend two support group meetings and share my experiences. The meetings that were to be attended were an Alcoholics Anonymous
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He says that he did pray when he was drinking, but especially when he got stopped by the cops. He realized that when he did pray, he got out of a lot of jams. He was in denial about his problem. To him, he did not have a drinking problem. He referred to alcoholism as a disease, and that he should be dead. He says he got into a wreck and the police offered him help, or either he would get charged with driving under the influence (DUI) again. He says that is what made him seek help and he is now sober, and continues to come to his AA meetings.
The second member says that faith is the opposite of fear, and that we do not have the power to change anything. He says that we can be the tool that God uses to change things if we are spiritual. Sobriety is the most important thing in his life right now. He has to fight with his character defect and he prays that God’s will be done in his life. He now knows when he has done something wrong or has wronged somebody, because he has a different feeling. He did not have that feeling before and did not know when he hurt someone or did something wrong.
The third member has been in and out of the program because he was selfish and had been his whole life. He was selfish in not giving his whole self to God. He started coming back and asked God for another chance to sober up and not be selfish anymore. He had never given 100% before, but

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