Alcohol Related Disorders And Alcoholism Essays

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More than seventy-six million people are affected by alcohol related disorders. Sadly, 1.8 million deaths a year are caused by alcohol. Alcohol can end lives, from events like drunk driving, to cancer, to liver disease, to further psychological issues down the line. Personally, alcoholism has affected me through my dad’s side of the family. My grandpa was an alcoholic and inadvertently led my father to alcohol. My dad has been a “social drinker” for many years. “Social drinking” may work for some people, but not for my family. My dad is now classified as an alcoholic and the disease now affects our whole family. For my dad, alcoholism was both inherited and influenced by family members, but for others it can be caused by other factors. Alcoholism is tied to genetic inheritance, although it has not been determined if this is the main cause. A character trait in families that suffer from alcoholism led to this study where the DRD2 gene was tied to alcoholism. It is found that the “alcohol gene” accounts for half the risk of alcoholism. An example can be found in a gene of Asian descent. It alters their metabolic rates of alcohol. This causes them to become extremely ill, which may keep them from drinking or even developing alcoholism. Family influence is one factor. As mentioned above, with my father, he was influenced by my grandpa’s drinking habit. In a study done in Australia, reports have shown that most underage drinking; the alcohol is provided to the children from…

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