Alcohol Reflection essay

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Alcohol Reflection

About a month ago I was written up for possession of alcohol and smoking in a dry dorm. Though I did not participate I was present, so Yes I broke a rule and take full responsibility for that. I am 21 and have just started at the Academy of Art University for a bachelor in Animation, and this is my first time ever being in a situation like this. As well as getting written up for an alcohol violation, and in all reality, my first time being written up for anything. With that said, I got written up for a minor offense (since I am not only of age and wasn’t drunk but hate the taste of alcohol in its entirety), took full responsibility, took the online alcohol assessment and learned a little bit about alcohol which
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With the sanction that I got (online alcohol assessment and letter to the Housing department), I feel that it was an educational experience for me. I also realized that I should be more careful as to who I hang out with and where they drink when I am in there presents on campus. I should also be aware of who I am with in the group, because I was hanging out with students who were drinking that were only 18 to 20 years of age. Whereas I am 21 and would be held accountable for their action, as well as being the only one sober adult present and not saying anything.

I have come to realize that I will need to find other groups of friends, so when one group wants to go out I can have some other friends to spend my time with. I could also go for a walk if they start to do it in some place it is not allowed, and would consider me an accessory. That would work out better for me, than squealing/ratting on my friend and becoming a full outcast across the all the college

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