Alcohol Is For Adults Only Essay

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Alcohol is for Adults Only
According to Graham, an editor from, argues that the prefrontal cortex of the human’s brain is not exactly, fully developed at the age of twenty-one: “The frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain that manages impulse control, judgment, insight, and emotional control.” Adults’ brains are not fully developed until they are in their late twenties or even up to thirties: to illustrate, only 80% of young adults’ brain has fully matured (Graham.) The delay of a young adult’s frontal lobe maturing interferes with his or her making the best decisions. The lack of judgment will may drive youth to head towards danger suffering the consequences. Also, the lack of this action teenagers act impulsively on an action and do not view the consequences of the aftermath. When alcohol is consumed before the frontal lobe is fully developed, it is likely to damage the functions of the developing brain. This is likely to cause the young adult to experience violent and sexual behaviors. Also, consuming alcohol at a young age can cause binge drinking issues, giving drinkers long-term health problems. The alcohol consumption age should raise to twenty-five years old, for reasons such as a possible decrease in violent behaviors, sexual behaviors and long-term health problems. “Underage drinking is linked to violent and aggressive behaviors” (Shannon 242.) When most young adults begin drinking at a young age he or she tends to experience…

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