Essay Alcohol Is A Socially Accepted Drink

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Alcohol is a socially accepted drink, but too often people take it too far. Although alcoholism isn 't a disease, it can certainly cause many severe health problems. Alcohol is considered to be a gateway drug, and can lead to an addiction. the definition of a gateway drug is a habit-forming drug that, while not itself addictive, may lead to the use of other addictive drugs. A recent study shows the first drug used amount 12th graders consist of alcohol, tobacco or marijuana. The results had alcohol in the lead, with 54% of students using alcohol before hard drugs. The reason why alcohol is so commonly consumed is because it has the easiest availability. The parents of students most likely have alcohol in the house, where the students are able to have easy access to the alcohol. Students can also obtain a fake identification to purchase the alcohol themselves. If a person in their 20s was asked the same questions as those 12th graders you could probably find that some of those people have used other substances too. It 's entirely possible that 's kids who drink at an early age are naturally predisposed to try other drugs. Additionally, somebody could drink due to factors invisible to this study. Those factors could be due to genetics, home environment , etc (Ingraham 3). the health problems caused by alcohol are very serious and can cause death. Most people believe that cirrhosis of their liver and car accidents are the only effects of alcohol. Those problems are just the…

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