Alcohol in College Sporting Events Essay

633 Words May 20th, 2013 3 Pages
Kyle Buckwald
Mr. McGuire
Sports Event and Facility Management BUS 1245
25 April 2013
Written Assignment #2 Alcohol being sold at college events is one of the most talked about things in the recent decade. The main question is: Should alcohol be sold at college sporting events? Personally I do not think that alcohol should be sold at college sporting events. The main reasons why is because there is too much of a liability within the facility, underage drinking, and violent behavior. When all these reasons factor in, it really makes sense not to sell alcohol at a sporting event.
At a college football game, the atmosphere is chaotic and many fans go nuts for their team. Many people come hours before the game to tail-gate and have
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if they have one. The stadium or facility would be under much heat if they get caught selling to people underage. Along with all the liabilities and underage drinking going on, violent behavior can factor in as well. Usually when a person becomes intoxicated, they become very reckless and even sometimes violent. This is a huge risk that the facility or stadium would be taking on. Even if their team is winning or losing the fans will always go nuts for their team, this can result in fights or even endangering other spectators or even players. For example, if the home team is losing in a big time football game the fans become very upset and rowdy within the crowd. Now this becomes a safety issue for all people attending the game. Countless times have people been removed from games due to their actions and the last thing that security wants to deal with a drunk college student with much attitude. Essentially, fans violent behavior in a huge factor in selling alcohol at sporting events. In conclusion, selling alcohol at college sporting events is not the right thing to do. It is too much of liability for the stadium, too much underage drinking would be involved, and the fan base would turn into violent behavior. To prevent these things from occurring, stop the selling of alcohol at college sporting events would be a turn in the right

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