Essay about Alcohol Impaired Driving Among The United States

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There’s a huge a problem, one that is faced by a vast majority of our nation. Does it affect all of us? Some may like to think it doesn’t, though it does. An 18-year-old boy had experienced such a problem, not knowing the extent of what he has done. The surrounding people he hurt and misuse he has done to himself wasn’t known. Would you want to be that boy at a young age who has been affected by such an epidemic? Well I was one of those 112 million episodes of alcohol impaired driving amongst the Unites States that happen each year. I can surely tell you that I did not want to be put in that position, however I chose to do it, there’s no one else to blame.
Drunk driving has become a huge issue amongst the United States. It has affected so many in different age groups, as well as laws, economics, relationships and the prevention process. Many don’t realize the full extent from each drinking and driving experience. Myself being one who’s life has been affected by it, I can relate to those who are trying their hardest to prevent it. A lot can be said, but action is key. This is an epidemic that results in awareness that truly affects all aspects of our lives, therefore it acts as a lead in to asking “How and why is a drunk driving experience influencing the world beyond the offenders?”
Thinking about the first article I read, I would like to elaborate on the issue of age groups that drink and drive. It is clearly known across the nation that the legal drinking age is 21 years…

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