Alcohol, Drugs And Substance Addictions Essay

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The NHS defines addiction as “Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you.”
Addiction is usually thought of as been related to alcohol, smoking (nicotine), drugs or gambling, but in fact can be associated to far more such as, shopping, solvents, internet, mobile phones or even work.
Many reasons can be related to why something is classed as an addiction, typically with alcohol, smoking and drugs this is due to them making you feel differently to normal how you normally physically or normally feel, as this can be pleasurable for some it becomes an addiction to feel that way again and the repeated use becomes more and more of a strong urge (NHS, 2015).

This report will mainly focus around alcohol, drugs and substance addictions.

When diagnosing an addiction from a substance point with ICD-10 at least three of the criteria should be met and have occurred within the last 12 months,

Biological (Medical)

Addiction from a biological model is seen as been down to everyone’s physical and genetic differences and that it is a chemical imbalance within a person that causes the addiction to a particular individual (, 2016).
Genetically speaking the gene effecting addiction is thought to be the DRD2 with an A1 variant, this is codes for D2 dopamine receptors. Meaning people with fewer dopamine receptors would require more of a substance to feel the same pleasure as…

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