Alcohol Consumption Is A Process Of Consuming Alcoholic Consumption

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Alcohol consumption is a process of consuming alcoholic beverages.As the consumption increased, it reflected three essential factors.Firstly the age factor, which means the majority of the group who purchasing wine is adolescents and young adults.More importantly, gender difference is playing an important role in affecting the alcohol consumption.Male tend to drink much more than female did.However, the most vital aspect among drinking motives is the psychological issue.Such as anxiety and depression.Therefore, this essay will discuss the factors that increased alcohol consumption. Psychology matter leads to some negative affect in the consumption of alcohol.It can be classified in to many categories, anxiety, low inhibitory control, depression and distress(Emmanuel.k, Ronald.K,Gerard.G, Rutger.E,2006).Individuals who lack of prohibitive control define drinking as a positive activity, which could bring entertainments.Besides the study shows that universities students in north America who drunk for positive emotional relax also lack of conscientiousness(Loukas, Krull, Chassin & Carle, 2000;Stewart & Devine,2000;Stewart.s, Loughlin, H&Phyno,E,2001;Theakston,2002).However, study found out the link between self-discipline and alcohol consumption as well.Individuals who score low on self-discipline are more likely to have binge drinking problems.Additionally, negative emotion such as anxiety and sensitivity are associated with drinking.Several studies show that adolescents who…

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