Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy And Low Birth Weight Essay

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Discussion and Conclusion
This population-based retrospective cohort study showed association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and low birth weight. The maternal age (25 years and younger) and (35 years and older) was significantly associated with LBW in our study and also similar findings were showed by Zheng et al. The data to look at quantity of cigarettes smoked, we found a dose-dependent effect, whereby the children of mothers who reported smoking more than 15 cigarettes a day during their pregnancy had more low birth weight babies than those whose mothers smoked fewer than 15 cigarettes a day, in both crude and adjusted analysis. This finding was similar with findings in study by Langley et al. Smoking during pregnancy has a negative effect because the nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood of a pregnant woman can decrease the blood flow to the fetus, affect the heart, lungs, digestive system, and central nervous system and may lead to low birth weight and increases preterm births (Andriani and Kuo, 2014).
In our study, alcohol consumption during pregnancy was found the differences in the risk of alcohol consumption between crude OR= 3.08, 95% CI [1.79, 5.29] and adjusted OR= 1.58, 95% CI [0.87, 2.87], while in other study that was confirmed the risk of the alcohol consumption during pregnancy increased the LBW infants in both crud and adjusted OR (Crude OR= 3.22 95% CI [1.13, 9.15]) and the adjusted (OR= 4.20 95% CI [1.25, 14.13] (Silva, 2011).…

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