What Is Healthy People 2020?

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Abstinence from Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Illicit Drugs, During Pregnancy
The abstinence of substance abuse among pregnant women is an important key in maintaining a healthy, full term pregnancy by reducing the risks to the infant and mother related to the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and illicit drugs. By using science-based research, Healthy People 2020 seeks to identify and improve the overall health of the nation’s population by providing measurable goals and objectives that are designed to promote health and disease prevention in people of all ages. In an effort to increase the understanding and awareness related to maternal and infant health, Healthy People 2020 has set up a framework of multiple goals, including a goal to elevate the number
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One objective of this goal is to increase abstinence of illegal drug use among pregnant women (About Healthy People (2014). Retrieved August 17, 2014.).
According to the American Pregnancy Association, consuming drugs during pregnancy can have many harmful results. Drug use during pregnancy is unsafe for both the fetus and the mother. It is important for pregnant women to be aware of and understand the risks involved in consuming drugs during pregnancy, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm labor, placental abruption, and even maternal death. Risks related to the fetus include premature birth, low birth weight, congenital defects, withdrawal symptoms, and fetal death. Problems later in life, such as learning and behavior problems and slower than normal growth often occurs in babies that are born to mothers who use drugs during pregnancy (Using Illegal Drugs During Pregnancy | American Pregnancy. (2014). Retrieved August 17, 2014.).
There are many different types of illegal drugs that produce detrimental effects to the mother and the fetus during pregnancy. Marijuana use during pregnancy crosses the placenta to the fetus and contains toxins that increase carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels in the blood, which reduces the supply of
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The use of tobacco while pregnant enhances the possibility of delivering the infant before term birth. Low birth weight of the infant, along with an increased chance of being sick, the baby may require extra stay time in the hospital. In addition, birth defects, such as cleft lip and palate, are more likely in babies born to smoking mothers. (Tobacco Use and Pregnancy: CDC. (2014). Retrieved August 17, 2014.). Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other complications that extend even after pregnancy. Infant colic and asthma risks are elevated in children who are born to smoking mothers and are exposed to secondhand smoke. Smoking cessation and preventing exposure to secondhand smoke are important strategies to implement during pregnancy to reduce health risks related to the baby (Smoking Cessation during Pregnancy: ACOG. (2010). Retrieved August 17,

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