Essay about Alcohol And Violence Should Be Legal Drinking Age

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Could you imagine eating a pizza left on a table for one weekend? Why does your answer come totally the opposite to liquids that the longer they saved the better they come? Alcohol is classified as a drug that made from stored fruits for period of time. This substance depresses the central nervous system. The US government allowed alcohol consumption for people who are older than twenty-one in 1934. Furthermore, Congress pushed all the states around the country to raise the legal drinking age to twenty-one in 1987 if they wanted the federal government to fund them (“History of Legal Drinking Age”). Definitely, alcohol is considered an occasional habit for Westerners because it is an acceptable practice on special events. As stated in the book Alcohol and Violence “Consumption of alcohol in the context of social events and personal enjoyment is an ubiquitous human habit cross-culturally and specially in America […].” (Parker et al, 15). Although alcohol was used as an anesthetic (even in Islam), it has more drawbacks on society and health than benefits and the government should make alcoholic beverages as an illegal product to protect its citizens from these harmful liquids.
Alcohol consumers are the main factor in causing a bad influence on adolescents in society. Adolescents are frequently susceptible to ads promoting alcohol or people who drink around them. For example, they tend to consume liquids when they watch advertisements about how attractive or cool you will be…

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