Essay about Alcohol And Sexual Assault Prevention

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Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention: In today’s society many people have different outlooks on risk behaviors for sexual assault. In “Alcohol and Dating Risk Factors…,” author Antonia Abbey believes dating and sexual activity, misperception of sexual intent, and alcohol consumption are risk factors that could potentially be linked with sexual assault (148). Throughout this paper I will be giving out my own opinions over the three risk factors, my response to the results, discussion over the “prototypic sexual assault”, and my advice to a 20-year female, in college. According to the author, dating and sexual activity is a risk factor for sexual assault. In the authors prospective frequent dating and sexual activity increases the probability that a woman will interact with a sexually violent man who is willing to force sex on disinterested companions (148). I personally, agree with this statement. From previous experience I’ve encountered where a close friend of mine felt like she always needed a boyfriend in order to feel like she was ‘loved’. Not only did she felt that having a boyfriend was a necessity but that she should also encounter sex with her partner for him to leave her. It’s pretty much like a cycle, as she starts dating more and having sexual intercourse the next guy who she is about to date becomes more insulting and doesn’t have the characteristics that a girl should look into. I don’t honestly know if she ever went through sexual assault but as time went…

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