Alcohol : Alcohol And Its Effects On Health And Social Life Essay

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Alcohol Dependency
1 out of 10 deaths (20-60 of age) are due to excessive alcohol use. Approximately two billion individuals consume alcoholic beverages globally in less than a year. Alcohol consumption in excess has both immediate and long-term consequences in regards to health and social life. In current times, over seventy-six million individuals are affected by alcohol use disorders. Among these disorders is alcohol addiction. Heavy drinkers are also at risk for chronic illnesses such as liver disease and cancer. Drinking occasionally does not have many harmful side effects; drinking excessively puts your body, mind, and those around you at risk. One of the leading causes of death is Alcohol. Due to misinformation and misleading education; men and women from all over the world have abused this narcotic drug. Most teenagers in high school have limited information on what alcohol exactly does to their body and mind. Adults have a much better understanding on this matter, hence why there are more deaths of adolescents than adults. The health problem in this project is alcohol awareness. Alcohol dependency will be the focus for the entirety of the project, with a global geographical concentration.
Many studies have shown and proved that long-term alcohol use can harm your body and mind. When alcohol is being consumed, the brain is the first body part to be affected. Studies say that 20% of the alcohol that you consume is immediately absorbed. Since the brain controls how…

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