Alcohol Addiction Is A Chronic Disease Caused By Long Term, Habitual Alcoholic Alcohol

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Alcohol Addiction in New York

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease caused by long term, habitual alcohol consumption. The disease of alcohol addiction is widely known by varied common terms such as alcoholism, alcohol dependence syndrome, and alcohol use disorder.

This disease has several distinguishing characterizations that determine a positive diagnosis. Accepted medical conclusions of a positive diagnosis is made if two or more of the following signs are deemed present:

• Chronic, heavy alcohol use.
• Strong urge or desire to drink
• Inability to pace, or limit drinking
• Inability to stop drinking
• Dependence manifested through symptoms of withdrawal when use is halted
• Increased tolerance for the substance
• Engaging in risky behavior
• Health problems associated with alcohol consumption
• Personal and social problems resulting from use
• Drinking overrides responsibilities and consumes the addict’s thoughts and time.
Statistics related to alcohol abuse and addiction in New York:
Statistics revealed in a data report issued by the New York City Department of Health:
• Over 1/4th of New Yorkers under the age of 21 report recent alcohol use. • Approximately half of New Yorkers 21 years and older (53%) report alcohol consumption.

• Of the adult New Yorkers who report drinking, 11% are heavy drinkers and 42% binge drink.

• 33% of those who have committed suicide in New York State had been drinking at the time of the incident.…

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