Alcohol Addiction Has Become A Problem Essay

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According to a study by the American Bar Association, one out of three practicing lawyers have a drinking problem. This may be because 19 percent of lawyers have symptoms of anxiety and a further 28 percent have depression. Due to the stress that lawyers face on a daily basis, it is unsurprising that alcohol addiction has become a problem. While alcoholism is a problem, there are new options for alcohol treatment for lawyers. Evidence based treatment programs offer an alternative to the traditional 12-step program. Offered by medical innovators like Alavida, these programs work to change the habit of drinking. Every habit is learned, and lawyers can unlearn their drinking problems through private alcohol treatment.

Identifying the Problem

In many law firms, drinking is a part of the company 's culture. Lawyers are encouraged to take clients out on the town, and this can fuel long-term alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out if someone has a drinking problem. Over time, alcoholism can cause severe psychological, physical, professional and social harm to the individual.

Initially, family and friends may be the first people to notice that the lawyer has a problem. The individual may feel ashamed about their problem and unwilling to discuss their health issues. Due to this, an impaired lawyer or judge may try to conceal their problem. It is normal for an alcoholic to hide their drinking habits because of a fear of losing clients or respect. As the…

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