Alcohol Addiction Has A Profound Effect On Caroline 's Life Essay

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Within this book, it is clear that alcohol addiction had a profound effect on Caroline’s life. It seemed as if every area of this character’s life was touched by her addiction, whether it was her relationships, work or self-esteem. Caroline went from a somewhat happy-go-lucky girl from a slightly troubled and in many ways strange upbringing to a woman consumed with everything alcohol related. This would often mean ensuring that alcohol was always on hand, specifically keeping a personal stash to make sure she would never go without its presence at any given moment and drinking whenever possible to keep her emotions and pain at bay. Alcohol in many ways became a method to fill voids for Caroline. To the extent that alcohol became manifested to her as a “lover,” providing her with a source of comfort and security and ultimately consuming both her time and energy. Overall, her addiction to alcohol transformed Caroline into a completely new person, one who exhibited no true sense of self-control and lived in a continuous state of being dishonest with others and void of emotion, besides that of depression and anger.
Caroline being a woman and professional one at makes her both unique and a member of an underrepresented population. In general, the percentage of men and women in America are roughly the same with the percentage of women being slightly higher than that of men. Although, the occurrence of addiction is seen in both genders, women are significantly underrespected in…

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