Alcohol Abuse and How It Affects Everyone Essay

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Alcohol Abuse and
How it Affects Everyone
S. Adams

Should society care about alcohol abuse? Many people believe that to consume alcohol is a personal choice and an expression of free will. Some of those people don’t consider how alcohol use affects anyone other than the drinker. By listening to alcohol advertising and watching actors in movies one would get the impression that alcohol gives people an increased social status; they become self-confident, sexually attractive, and fun to be around. Initially people start out drinking for fun; it can relax and reduce inhibitions but at some point and for whatever reasons some people become addicted and can’t stop. What often begins as a fun escape and great stress relief can become a
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In the case of homicides, 19% were linked to alcohol use and the majority of those involved an argument or dispute (Spunt, Goldstein, Brownstein, Fendrich, & Langley, 1994,
p. 43). A simple discussion could easily be misconstrued by someone that has been drinking and cause him or her to irrationally act violent. A friendly conversation could get ugly if a drunken person took offense to a simple off-the-cuff remark or felt like he was being judged. This illustrates how alcohol contributes to anger management that in turn leads to violence and subsequently may involve innocent people.
As reported by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, in Women Under the Influence (Califano, 2006, p.46), upwards of 73% of all rapes and 70% of domestic violence incidences are contributed to alcohol use. These figures represent the strong link between alcohol and violence against people that live in the same residence or have a familial relationship. Violence against women in general is exacerbated by alcohol more than any other drug and women become more at risk to be victimized if they too have been drinking (p.65). It is well known that alcohol lowers inhibitions and many people say and do things that they would not do when they were sober. Unfortunately domestic violence begets violent behavior, meaning; the abused

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