Alchemist Essay

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Alchemist Analytical Essay
Mentor Figures in The Alchemist The Alchemist is a philosophical story by Paulo Coelho about a boy named Santiago who follows his dreams. He sets off on an arduous journey to the Egyptian pyramids and learns many valuable lessons as he attempts to uncover hidden treasure. With the aid of a number of inspiring individuals who provide valuable insight on their personal beliefs, Santiago seeks to fulfill his main obligation in life. If Santiago did not have the assistance of significant figures in his journey, he would have never achieved his Personal Legend. Melchizedek, the old king of Salem is a prominent figure in The Alchemist that both educates and influences Santiago. When Santiago was in Andalusia,
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By working for the crystal shop owner, Santiago “ … received a good commission for each piece [of crystal] he sold, and had already been able to put some money aside” (51). This provided the funds that Santiago needed to trek across the desert to Egypt. The owner assists Santiago by giving him insight on his own dreams, saying “You dream about your sheep and the Pyramids, but you’re different from me, because you want to realize your dreams. I just want to dream …” (55). Santiago attains new knowledge on how everybody accomplishes their dream when he discovers that “not everyone sees his dreams come true in the same way” (56). Later, Santiago realizes that, “He could always go back to being a shepherd” (65). But, he couldn’t always go back to his Personal Legend, so Santiago decides to take his chances and chooses to travel across the desert in a caravan. Even though he was partly a negative character, the crystal merchant plays a role in Santiago’s quest to discover his place in the world by offering Santiago his perspective on fulfilling someone’s dream. When Santiago is traveling with the caravan, he meets the Englishman, a superbly educated character who accompanies Santiago across the desert. Santiago can connect with the Englishman since they believes in some of the same concepts, such as the “ … mysterious chain of events that

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