Albert Camus 's Life Of Absurdism Essay

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Albert Camus life of Absurdism
“The feeling of the absurd is not the same as the idea of the absurd. The idea is grounded in the feeling and that is all. It does not exhaust it.” (Starter 586). “Throughout Albert Camus work, Camus posited that to resolve the conflict between life in an “absurd universe” and the human desire for rationality.” (Starter 582). “Camus is a classical moralist in the French sense: his writing has a unified point of view, and he uses as few words as possible to convey his intent, with concise description that is never belabored and realistic dialogue.” (Rose 164). In these three texts, Camus portrays his philosophy of man’s isolation and life of absurdism in “The Myth of Sisyphus”, “The Guest”, and The Stranger. “The range of Camus’s imagery is fairly narrow and derives almost entirely from the enteral experience of his life … (John 113). “Even as posthumously, Camus remains a public figure challenging his readers to a stringent standard of candor and compassion.” (Kellman 466). “The human condition in the best of the circumstances is riddle with accidents, disappointments, poverty, disease, and inevitably, death. It is absurd – absurd to struggle, absurd to stay alive. (Rose 166). “He does not seem to pose himself any of the questions explored in “The Myth of Sisyphus”…. The character thus retains a real opacity, even absurd-conscious observer.” (Starter 586). “Camus depends on extended metaphors to imply a complex of possible meanings. That is,…

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