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Albatross Anchor Case Study (Note: This is not a real company)
Albatross Anchor is a small family owned business that began in 1976 with four family members. Albatross anchor has grown exponentially and now employs one hundred and thirty people. This one location/facility is situated on twelve acres located in a rural suburb of Smalltown, USA (Please note* the building and facilities for Albatross Anchor are landlocked).
The plant* and the administrative offices are located in the same building.
(*Note: The plant includes: manufacturing, the shipping department, the receiving department, raw materials storage, finished product storage, and the
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The owners of this small business have added on various processes as needs arose; within the limited space of the plant. When Albatross Anchor first opened its doors their expertise was in the manufacturing of bell/mushroom anchors (using a foundry process).
In 1989, in response to international competition, the owners of Albatross Anchor made the decision to expand the product line to include fabricated snag hook anchors.
Albatross Anchor is a manufacturing factory that sells only at the wholesale level.
Albatross Anchors sales their products in two ways:
(01) Distributors that act as the middleman. The distributor accepts bulk delivery of anchors at their large distribution centers. At the distribution center the bulk shipment of anchors is broken up into smaller batches and shipped to individual retail locations.
(02) OEM customers that purchase anchors in large batches to be used as a component in the manufacture of boats.
Albatross Anchor does not sell retail. They are strictly a wholesale organization.

The bell anchor is manufactured primarily through a foundry process in which ore

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