Albartoss Anchor Unit 6 Essay

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Unit six Written Assignment
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MT435 Operations Management
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Albatross Anchor has been in family owned business that has been in business since 1976. They are manufacturer of bell/mushroom anchors and snag hook anchors. Albatross Anchor facing many operational challenges due to the inefficiencies of their facilities and the way they process orders and since they are only sells their products wholesale; they are unable to increase their profit margin. Some of the challenges they face are outdated machinery technology and their current building floor plan. Their building consists of their administrative offices, foundry, shipping and receiving, raw materials and finished
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Employees who are cross trained often perform better because they know multiple areas of the company they feel they are a valued member of the company. Employees that feel they are a valued member of the company have a degree of loyalty and come to work with a willingness to learn and help where needed. Employees that perform a variety of tasks, are less likely to find boredom and be more productive.
Operational Issue Two:
Gainsharing and profit sharing allow employees to receive a portion of the gains when a company meets their objectives (Russell & Taylor III, 2011). Employees feel empowered because their contribution is making a difference to the company. To increase employee dedication and increase morale implementing both profit sharing and gainsharing allows the employees to see that their performance is directly related to the financial objectives of the company
Operational Issue Three:
Job Design is an operational issue that Albatross Anchor might be facing. Is the right person in the right role? This directly correlates to job design. Every employee cannot perform every function within a company certain employees are better suited to roles than others. Frederick Herzberg identified attributes that make a potential job design a good fit (Russell & Taylor III, 2011). Employees that are well suited to their jobs are more likely to be happy and stay at their job. They will be happier because they will not be ill suited to handle the task at

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