Alaska Is The Largest And The Populated Of The Fifty United States

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Alaska is the largest and the least populated of the fifty United States. Full of mountain ranges and majestic wildlife, it has always captivated people’s attention. However with large distances between largely populated areas and the cold temperatures with long winters most people shy away from living there. But for me Alaska is my one true home; where I have family and friends, and where I want to one day settle down to spend the rest of my life. My one true home has always been Alaska, the place that I feel most like myself. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska on November 23rd, 1990 in Providence Hospital. I probably spent about five years living on the island of Dutch Harbor and probably spent about another three years living in the city of Anchorage. Most of my early childhood was spent exploring this small hill that took up most of our backyard, on the island, which just so happened to be the bottom of a huge mountain. All over the hill in my backyard were blueberry bushes and fox holes. Every year when the blueberries were in season my mom would take me to pick the berries off the bushes and we would make blueberry pies. And since we were close to one of the main harbors for crab fishing we could go down to the boats when they docked and we would get first pick of the Alaskan King Crabs they caught. After we got them home my mom would smash them over this rock we had on the side of the duplex we lived in and detach all the legs from the torso. Then she would boil a huge…

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