Alanon Family Groups Essay

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Brenda Smith
Dr. Donna Goodwin
Speech Communication I
29 February 2012

Al-Anon Family Groups
There are 12 million alcoholics in the United States. That means that 40 to 50 million friends and family members also suffer from alcoholism and its affects. The help for alcoholics is Alcoholics Anonymous and the help for the non-alcoholic is the Al-Anon recovery program.
I am here tonight to tell you about the Al-Anon recovery process. It is a free, 100% guaranteed life changing program that will supply you with the tools to survive the effects of someone else’s drinking. This program is for you, the family member or friend of the alcoholic.
I have been a proud member of this program for the past thirteen years and in that time I
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“The ideas that provide guidance for individual growth are contained in the Twelve Steps of Recovery.”(3) Al-Anon is an open program to all family members and friends of alcoholics. The recovery process for the Al-anon member involves recognizing that alcoholism is a disease that affects the whole family and that you are powerless over it.
Al-Anon is not allied with any sect, denomination, political entity, organization, or institution. It is not a religious program but a spiritual way of life. They do not engage in any controversy nor do they endorse or oppose any cause. There are no dues for membership and Al-Anon is self-supporting through the member’s voluntary contributions.
Al-Anon is also an anonymous program. What you see and hear in the meetings and member to member must be held in confidence. This is the only way that you can feel free to say what is in your hearts and minds and this is how we help each other in Al-Anon. Basically, what you see and hear in Al-Anon stays in Al-Anon……kind of like Vegas!
Now that I have explained the purpose and requirements of Al-Anon I would like to let you know what to expect should you attend a meeting and choose recovery. When you attend a meeting you can expect that all meeting formats are the same. If you attend a meeting anywhere in the world you can feel comfortable knowing that there will be no surprises. Most meetings will have a recovering

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