Alan Taylor 's The European Conquest Of America Essay examples

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Alan Taylor is trying to prove the European conquest of America effected the Natives forever. When humans first encountered America, between 12,000 to 15,000 years ago is when the story of American first began. Taylor’s thesis is true because the Siberians arrived and settled in America. Later European empires invaded and conquered several regions of America. They divided and carved the land politically and culturally.
The author first informs the reader about the first inhabitants if America. the early Americans migrated from northeast Asia and entered in small boats along the coast. Another hypothesis is that the earliest humans walked along a land bridge into North America, which linked Siberia to Present Day Alaska. The moving herds and the significantly lowered sea levels due to the Quaternary Ice Age motivated the early migrants to move. Paleo-Indians also classified as hunters and gatherers, obtained all of their food sources by collecting plants and hunting wild animals in small groups. Due to an abundant diet, the population grew very quickly. The small environment no longer had enough resources to sustain such a large population which drove them to divide and move on. They expanded southward and eastward into North and South America.
Climate change expanded the temperate forest throughout North America allowing them to become more familiar with their land. They developed seasonal rounds of activity and movement. The domestication of plants and animals was…

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