Five Stages Of Professional Development

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Professional development is maintaining professional qualifications in the lines of academic degrees and informal learning opportunities. According to North Central Regional Educational Laboratory they developed a research-based professional development that promotes five phases for ongoing professional development and encourages individual reflection (par 1). Building a knowledge base to develop new knowledge and information is the first phase out of the five. This phase includes goal setting, evaluating needs, participating in workshops and forming study groups. Observing models and examples by studying instructional illustrations in order to develop a sensible understanding of the research. This second phase acquires participation in activities …show more content…
The purpose of ethics is to shows a person standard, morals, ethical belief, religion, group or profession. Our ethical behavior helps guide us in the choices we make every day good or bad. In “How Good People Make Tough Choices: Resolving the Dilemmas of Ethical Living,” author Rushworth M. Kidder defined ethics as: "The capacity to recognize the nature of moral challenges and respond with a will tuned conscience." Being ethical requires that our decisions be based on ethical standards as well as being guided by one’s values. Ethic to me is having values that you stick to and doing the right thing no matter what the circumstances are. For example my daughter and I were helping out a church by raising money and she miss understood a gentlemen when he said she could keep the money and tootsie roll. She literally thought she could keep both. When I told her she needed to put the money in the can she was confused and got really mad and refused to do so. “It’s mine the man gave it to me” See in her mind the man said she could keep both but in reality she would be stealing the money. As I was teaching my daughter about ethics and values by making sure she chose the right thing not matter how she felt. She did put the money in the can but was really mad at the man for saying what he said and at me for making her helping her do the right thing. Ethic is instilled in you as you are growing up and not everyone is thought …show more content…
My favorite definition that I found for the meaning of staffing is from the Business Dictionary it states that staffing means: “the selection and training of individuals for specific job functions, and charging them with the associated responsibilities”. I find leaning a job from the inside out and then being able to teach others all its traits and how to be the best they can be is the greatest accomplishment. Staffing is hard and to keep staff is even harder but if you are able to train in the right way morally, ethical, showing you know how to help deal with conflict and show your own professional development in a work setting you will be able to keep a long health staff. These traits took me years to learn and become good at. I still find my self-fighting at times with what I should really do to what I really want to do. I sometimes pick the wrong path but I always learn form walking down it. You need all these traits in order to live a personal and professional

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