Essay about Alabama State University 's Football Team

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On Sunday, September 5th 2016, Louisiana State University’s football team suffered a five-point loss to Auburn, which was set in stone by a failed play in the last second of the game. Following this loss, LSU made the decision to fire their head coach of eleven years, Leslie Miles. This decision was further influenced by the loss Wisconsin’s unranked football team inflicted upon the number five ranked LSU Tigers (AP Poll) to open this season of college football. Les, as he is most commonly referred to, was also very nearly fired during the 2015 following a humiliating defeat against the University of Alabama, which also dropped LSU’s star running back Leonard Fournette out of consideration for the Heisman Trophy. In fact, according to LSU’s athletic director the decision to keep Les was not decided until three weeks later during the second half of LSU’s game against Texas A&M (Dellenger, R). While there very well may have been a good many reasons to fire Leslie Miles, doing so at this point was the wrong decision. This is due to a variety of reasons, including fixable errors, financial costs, and overall damage to the reputation of Louisiana State University football.
Many fans have complained Leslie Miles’ style of offense is outdated (Solomon, J), stating that an increasing majority of the time LSU’s imminent play is obvious based simply on the offense’s lineup. Many people say that, in spite of evolving rules in college football, Les has, “… stubbornly refused to evolve…

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