Essay on Al Jazeera Case Study

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Al Jazeera ENGLISH
-Case Study-

Introduction and background

In the year of 2006 Al Jazeera English Network (sister channel of the Arabic-language Al Jazeera) was launched on November 15 and quickly became viral.

“Is the world’s first global English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East” with headquartered in Doha, Qatar but also rotates around broadcasting centers in London and Washington D.C. It reaches around 40 million households, target expended since the lunch, now approximately to 80 million homes, around 130 million households worldwide. It has also agreed to provide online steaming (often free of charge) via different website, for everyone with a connection to the Internet. The
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The biggest advantage that AJE English holds above its competitors, especially over CNN and BBC, is the fact that receives financial banking by the emir of Qatar, which gives AJE English a far more secure financial future over its rivals. Al Jazeera English does not forget about the “bottom line” compared to CNN particularly but also followed by BBC. AJE English tries to bring different audiences together and show responsibility and affinity.

One possible and conceivable community that Al Jazeera International can unite is English-speaking Muslims from all over the world (from Europe and Africa to the South Asian subcontinent and into Southeast Asia-from a community-the Umma-). AJE plays a significant role in the integration of the target audience by offering a news source shared between them. A wide range of Islamic books and articles are in English exist but also many Islamic websites have English language sections and English is the common tongue that unites them at least trough work and acts as their lingua franca.

In an interview for The Guardian Newspaper, Richard Porter the editor of BBC World stated that AJE news channel would be “ a serious competitor” for the TV channels of BBC and CNN (in November 2006).
Fox news is seen as using overt patriotism in order to maintain it’s viewers, but in the same time is the only news operator whose viewers are growing, even if American’s like to be nourished by news and

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