Essay about Al Haytham And Al Zahrawi

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Out of the many prominent Islamic contributors to society, two of the most important are Ibn Al Haytham and Al Zahrawi. Both men lived in separate parts of the world during 900 and 1000 and were leaders in mathematics, anatomy, and other branches of science. Al Haytham developed the first scientific method, which is used by nearly all scientists today, as well as conducted numerous studies on light, the human eye, and astronomy. In contrast, Al Zahrawi was a pioneer in surgery, inventing the first form of catgut internal stitches and insisting that surgeons should be better trained in the medical field. Their accomplishments are still recognized in modern culture, although they are not necessarily always given the credit they deserve. Born around 956 in Basra, Perisa, Al Haytham was a Muslim who believed that by searching for the truth and meaning of life, he would form a stronger relationship with Allah and eventually be sent straight to Heaven. His father, a civil servant, instilled a love of politics within him, causing Al Haytham to become mayor of Basra and receive a rigorous education in subjects including mathematics and history. However, after a few years of this lifestyle, he decided that it was not allowing him to fully reach the truth and chose to pursue a career in scientific research, as this branch of study had always fascinated him. Around the year 1000, he moved to Cairo, Egypt in order to have more opportunities in the science field. At this point in his…

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