Al Group For Family Members Of Those Who Are Struggling With Alcoholism And Using The Twelve Step Model

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Al-Anon Family Group
Al-Anon is a support group for family members of those who are struggling with alcoholism and using the twelve-step model (Fisher & Harrison, 2013). It is a program designed for people who want to recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking. The sole purpose of Al-Anon is to help families of alcoholics. Members share their experiences with others and learn how to apply the principles of the twelve-step program to their specific situations. Members of Al-Anon learn that they are not alone and that they have choices which can lead to peace in their lives whether the alcoholic continues to drink or not.
I attended a meeting held at the University Presbyterian Church in El Paso, Texas. I immediately felt at home as the women who were sitting around the table greeted me and welcomed me in. I was approached by one of the ladies which appeared to be the person in charge of the meeting. She handed me some reading material and welcomed me into the group by giving me a hug. She explained that although the meeting is held at this church, the group is not affiliated with the church. She also explained that the group does reference a higher power,
Support Group Experience 6 but it is whatever higher power you believe in. I felt comfortable and at home right away. A few more people walked in and the meeting started with introductions. The group consisted of six women, two teenage girls and one man. A very different atmosphere from the…

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