Essay on Al Capone 's Influence On Society

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When the name, “Al Capone” gets thrown into the conversation, words like “corrupt” or even “murderer” often follow. It is hard to imagine a man who had so much controversy surrounding him to be named “Public Enemy #1” would have a benevolent soul. Al Capone had a family. Not only that, but a tight-knit Italian family. He was a loving son, husband, and father. It is necessary to note, though, that many of the perceived ideas about him are true, but often exaggerated. Al, himself, touched upon this often. At a press conference in the 1920s, he was being questioned about certain shady activities attached with his name. After a while, Al became a bit fed up with all of the accusations of violent crime placed around him, saying, “...I don’t pose as plaster saint, but I never killed anyone. I never stuck up another man in my life….” Al did have shortcomings, and he recognized this. In fact, his legacy as the “Boss of Chicago” stuck around for decades. While these social norms may make it seem a bit avant-garde to compare him to the typical dad, he was ultimately a great man with a loving heart. When separated from his family, he would long for them. He would write letters often, especially throughout his time in Alcatraz, to his son, wife, and mother. It is safe to say, that the public never fully saw the side of Al that only his family got to experience.
Al was born to Italian immigrants, Gabriele and Theresa Capone, and had eight siblings. One of which, Vincenzo Capone,…

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