Essay about Al Ain Dairy: Market Expansion

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SCHOOL YEAR 2012/2013


Al Ain Dairy: Market Expansion


1. Recommend new products for Al Ain Diary based on competitive analysis, consumer insights and emerging trends. Al Ain Dairy is the UAE’s largest dairy company by market share with customers not only from the UAE market but also from Europe and other Asian countries. Besides the dairy market, in 2004 this successful company entered in the juice market having an expansion goal both to the regional market – MENA - and also on the juice one due to the shelf life (9 months) of this kind of product. This turns into a big
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Below, I will present some recommendations of new products taking into account the competitive analysis, consumer insights and emerging trends. • Product with Milk, Cereals and Spoon – the customer just have to mixed it • Promotional Packs “Pay 3 Take 4”, for instance, especially for the 250ml/ 500ml milk/ juice packs • Refill places – customer would take their package and refill with the dairy or juice that he liked at a lower price; sustainability and lower costs • Products for children with special gifts/prizes attached (small toys • Healthy cheese-to-go – small packs with 2/3 slices - customer could buy a bread or croissant anywhere and then he could put the cheese inside 2. Recommend a branding strategy for Al Ain Dairy. What role do Country of Origin and Brand of Origin play in this case?
As mention in the case, Al Ain Dairy believes that it is its brand image that keeps the firm in the first position in UAE. To enter in the lower Gulf market where the brand carries a goodwill, the branding strategy could remain the same. In my opinion, the roles of Country of Origin and Brand of Origin differ whether the branding target is for Europe or for UAE. For UAE and other Arabic countries, the Country of Origin gains prominence as the advertisements are related with

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