Akitas Essay

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Jennifer Garcia

Axia College

Comm. 125 Utilizing Information in College Writing


June 3, 2007

Is it possible for Akitas’ to be raised with love and care and the proper accurate training will turn into the ideal companion? In my research and own experiences, Akitas need tender loving care, and when given this they are the gentlest creatures in the world. This is when stereotyping comes in. When someone comes face to face with an Akita, they jump to the fact that they are dangerous animals that were breed for hunting and tracking down bears (Pflaumer 1998 para 4). What people do not realize is that a “human” makes a dog a “dangerous” animal no visa versa.
In Japanese history, the Akita is one of the
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7). The ACA states that it is a phenomenal way that the Akita displays its loyalty and devotion (ACA 2007 para 7). An Akita will follow you room to room and be at you feet every step of the way. The Akita’s on e goal in life is to protect you and spend all its time with you (ACA 2007 para. 6). Ms Bouyet states that the Akita is a very family orientated dog and that they do not like being apart for their families and your Akita need to exercise regularly when you leave. Your Akita will sleep until your return (1990 para. 19 and 20). In Pflaumer article, she quotes Carol Forti:
The Akita is highly sensitive to their owners/handlers thoughts. Whenever I showed one, I always would send him the mental message that he is gorgeous. Invariably the dog notices my attitude and presents himself accordingly in the show ring. (Pflaumer 1998 para 19)

Akitas, like humans, do not like to be teased, and they may act aggressively in response to it. When it comes to large breeds, the Akita prefers to be the only male dog. This way it can show itself as the “Leader of the pack” (Andrew 1999). With experience to this, our Akita knows that my husband is the “leader” in the house and that I am the “mommy”. We also have a male Chihuahua who gets along with our Akita, and the only reason for that is probably the different size in the two. This goes to say that the Akita was NOT breed for hunting because if they were I would have a dead Chihuahua

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