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English 1st  Paper Comprehensions  1. Oxygen and air pressure are ———————————- enjoyable flight. 2.      The ethnic people in Bangladesh ———————————- in Mymensingh. 3.      Bangladeshi cuisine —————————– people. 4.      River gypsies in Bangladesh ———————— in some areas. 5.      Nakshi Katha ———————————— on them. 6.      Communication of ideas is at ————————- changed our life. 7.      River gypsies are ———————- special power. 8.      Ms Subarna shaha ——————————————- 9.      The word

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Two cats stole a piece of cake —————————————-.*

13. Even a small creature can help a large one.***

14. Who will bell the cat?*

Informal letter

1. Write a letter to your friend describing the study tour/picnic***

2.Write a letter to your friend to join a picnic/ birthday party.***

3.Write a letter to your friend thanking him for a wonderful birthday gift.***

4. Write a letter to your friend how to improve english**

5. Write a letter to your friend describing the importance of reading Newspaper.*

6. Write a letter to your friend describing the importance of learning english..*

7. Write a letter to your friend congratulating his/her brilliant success.***

8. Write a letter to your friend advising to be punctual/serious in study.**

9. Write a letter to your friend thanking him for hospitality **

10. Write a letter to your friend preparation for the jsc exam***

11. Write a letter to your friend to condolence for his fatther death. ***


1. How to open a bank account. ***

2. Importance of learning english**

3. Customer & sells man in the shop.*

4. Patient & doctor***

5. A student & the Head master  about admission*

6. your plan after jsc exam.***

7. Adverse effect of illiteracy***

8. Necessity of tree plantation*

9. importance of learning english***

10. Advantage & disadvantage using mobile phone**


English 2nd Paper

Formal Letter:

Write an application to the head master for setting up a canteen. ***

Write an application to the head
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