Aisha Bibi : A Woman From Afghanistan Essay

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Aisha Bibi is a woman from Afghanistan known all around the world for her famous picture on the cover of the 2010 Time magazine. It showed her face without a nose with a troubling comment on the side, “What happens if we leave Afghanistan” (Baker). The article by Aryn Baker explains, she was beaten and abused by her husband’s family, Aisha Bibi fled to her parents after she could no longer take the abuse. She was then dragged away by a group of men from the Taliban and taken back to her husband. She was brought in front of her judge, a commander in the Taliban. Aisha pleaded her case, begged and cried that her husband’s family abused her, beat her and treated her like a slave; but he was unmoved. The judge told her uncle that she would be made an example of for any woman who thought of running away from her husband in the future (Baker). Her brother-in-law held her down while her husband cut off her ears and nose and then she was left to die. Aisha Bibi survived and was taken by the American troops and cared for in a shelter before she fled for refugee in the United States. Aisha is not the first woman in Afghanistan to face such cruelty, she was rescued and cared for because the cruelty she faced came at the same time the United States needed a way to keep the Taliban away from any position of power. In the “TIME 's Aug. 9, 2010 issue…she became a living symbol of the potential fate of women if the Taliban 's strict interpretation of Shari 'a law returned to rule the land”…

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