Essay on Airports Are Categorized By Their Ownership

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Airports are categorized by their ownership, but their management is determined through its governance structure. The governance structure defines how an airport will be managed, operated, and developed. For example, an airport can be owned by a municipality, but operated by a regional or city-controlled airport authority. The majority of public airports in the United States are governed by airport authority. For instance, Dulles and Reagan Nation Airport are both owned by the federal government and operated by an airport authority, while states such as Alaska, Arizona, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Rhode Island operate individual service airports. The latter airports’ public entities that govern them are considered rare or unique. According to the 2003 ACI-NA survey, thirty-eight percent airports are owned and operating by a city, while twenty-five percent are operating by a regional airport authority; only seventeen percent are owned and operated by a single county. These two types of airport governance have no obvious correlation between funding and revenue of an airport. However, airports with high passenger volumes, airline hubs, or airports that primarily serve low-cost carriers are all governed by public entities.
Although federal government does not have any control or say in the manner in which airports are governed like state law, it does have some influence in airport governance. The federal government’s role is to regulate, and it also holds the power to…

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