Airport Security Essays

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Airport Security



Airport Security
Since time immemorial, air travel has been deemed to be the safest mode of transport. Millions of people have safely travelled by air, reaching their destinations safely. Despite this fact, the aviation industry is faced with many security concerns. Since the infamous September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in the United States, there have been concerns that there are loopholes in aviation security. Terrorist activities target airports and civil aviation equipment due to their high values. For instance, in 1985, there was a massacre in Vienna and Rome that was carried out by terrorists in an airport. In addition, there have been reports of aircraft hijacking for a long time
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This way, they can cause deaths of many innocent civilians. This is the reason why airports should put in place stringent measures to ensure that security in the airport is not compromised. Due to the fact that planes carry hundreds of people, a breach in security puts them at risk.
In addition to terrorist activities at the airports, there are issues to do with regular criminal activities. Passengers carry possessions, some of which are very valuable. During their travel, some passengers may have the motive to steal others’ possessions. This leads to increased possibilities of burglary and robbery. Similarly, there are issues of drug trafficking. This is where airport security comes in handy: to eliminate such security concerns (Blalock, Kadiyali, & Simon, 2007).
Responsibilities of Airport Management in Airport Security
Airport security begins with the management of the airport. The management team plays a pertinent role in ensuring that there is safety at the airport at all times. The management is responsible in working closely with the state and federal government. The states and federal governments have aviation committees. Such committees play a role in creating rules and regulations that are meant to ensure the security of the aviation industry. This way the management is in a position to comply with the regulations that are stipulated in the industry. The airport

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