Airport Management And Planning For A Public Airport Essay

1466 Words Nov 11th, 2015 6 Pages
Steven Uchi
AMT 444
Airport Management & Planning
10 November 2015
Public Relations Programs With a public airport usually being in an area near homes and cities, it is very important that the community surrounding the airport has a positive view of it. Therefore this important and challenging task is given to the airport manager to maintain positive public relations. As defined in the textbook “Public relation is the management function that attempts to create goodwill for an organization and its products, services, or ideals with groups of people who can affect its present and future welfare.” (Young, 2011, p. 47) A positive perception of the airport is very important for those who decide to travel to the airport, and also those who own businesses or stakes within that specific airport. This challenging task of public relations are met with great problems that are needed to be solved quickly to dissolve any negative thoughts. The one great problem of airports are the original and elemental images resulting from the collective opinions within the public. An accumulation of noise pollution, traffic congestion, long luggage waits, and even issues that are responsibilities of others that do not pertain to the actual airport management are all accumulated into the public’s opinion of the airport as a whole. This misunderstanding of the actual Airport leads to a loss of the public’s confidence and eventually a negative image in the aviation industry. While some have the…

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