Essay about Airport Incident Management System

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1. Introduction

Airport operations are growing in complexity day by day, and extend across multiple service providers at the airport – namely ground handlers, customs, immigration, retail tenants, air traffic control, security, baggage handlers, airlines consortiums and airlines. These agencies use the airport infrastructure in such a way that they meet their commitment to their customers in due time. These commitments put a lot of pressure on the airport infrastructure support staff to keep the systems up and running efficiently.

Currently these services are handled manually at most of the Indian airports, so there are umpteen chances of these services to breakdown
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There were three main areas of activities at the airport.

1. Operational activities – Airside activities a. Air Traffic Control b. Metrological Services c. Communication d. Police and Security e. Fire Ambulance and First-Aid Services f. Runway Apron and Taxiways Maintenance

2. Handling activities – Airside and Landside activities a. Aircraft cleaning b. Provisioning of power and fuel c. Luggage and freight loading and unloading d. Processing of passengers, baggage, and freight

3. Commercial activities – Landside activities a. Duty free shops b. Retailing shops c. Restaurant and Bars d. Leisure services e. Hotel accommodations f. Banks and ATMs g. Car rental and parking h. Wi-fi, video and audio conference and communication facilities

These activities can further be grouped and given a common name for the sake of writing standard processes to be followed by airport staff to raise the airport user confidence level in each area.

|S.No |Group Name |List of activities for the group |Remarks |
|1 |Airport Access |Ground Transportation |SOP on providing airport|

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