Airport Impact On Society

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From the isolated communities in Alaska to the remote regions of Nepal, aids-dependent villages in Africa to the magnificent airports in the Middle East and the emerging fascinating concepts of Aerotropolis; the airport’s role in today’s society is as essential as it is luxurious.
It is fast dropping the typical definition of transporting people from point A to B but bringing life to areas where other means of transportation have proved inexistent or insufficient, exposing the potential of growing regions, boosting economic development in established ones and eclipsing the mind in other societies. Its necessity cuts across different sectors from healthcare, media, tourism, insurance, banking, agriculture, construction, law; the list is extensive.
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One of such is Hakfoort et al. (2001) publication “Europe 's airports Economic impact – the theory and the practice” which classified the typical impact that an airport has into four categories – direct, indirect, induced and catalytic impacts. Here we take a closer look specifically at the direct and indirect impacts an airport makes.
Mazerolle, T.M., (1990) makes the distinction, noting that ‘Direct impacts are those economic activities derived by airport-dependent firms and from the operation of the airport while the indirect role that airports have are from the expenditures of airport-dependent firms and the subsequent rounds of re-spending which occurs in the local economy as a result’.
Direct impacts of having an airport are those aviation related businesses created as a direct consequence of the provision of an airport. It is usually referred to as the primary impact and its effects are in comparison; easier to measure. It includes facilities on and near the airport. The direct employment opportunities ranges from the aircraft manufacturers to the airport operators, air traffic controllers, pilots, cabin crew, engineers, ground handling agents, customs and immigration all the way to security; all these airport, airline and aircraft service providers are afforded jobs due to this infrastructure. Facilities near the airports like car parks, car hires, and cargo companies are also as a result of the primary impact of an

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