Airplane Experience

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Today, was the day I would ride on an airplane for the first time. I was so excited to ride in an airplane, but I was nervous that the plane would crash. Just the night before, an Asian airliner crashed and killed a few people. When I got to the airport I had to go through security, which wasn’t just a walk in the park. First, I had to go through scanning to make sure I didn’t have anything on me. Then, I had to take my carry-on and put it in a bin to see if there has anything in there and after that I went up to a security officer at a desk with a purple light. As I gave her my ticket, she wrote on it and scanned it making sure it was real. Then, the lady said I was good and let me go to my gate. There was still some time before I …show more content…
As I walked on the airplane, I looked at my ticket and found my seat. Then I put my carry-on in the overhead compartment. When all the other passengers boarded, the flight attendant went over the emergency evacuation drills. Once they went over everything the plane started to slowly move. People outside of the plane with orange sticks directed the plane to the runway. I got a window seat so I could see a lot. Once we were on the runway, the plane went so fast I was stuck in my chair. The plane felt like it was going straight up as fast as it could. Once the plane started becoming level you could see the entire city of Columbus. All the tall skyscrapers and cars passing by, looking so small. As the plane went farther and farther up, everything got so small until I couldn’t see anything at all. All I saw were white whisps of clouds. Some times if you went through a big cloud all you could see was white. Then after a while my ears started popping because of the air pressure. After that the flight attendant offered everyone a drink and a snack. They had so many different kinds of drinks, from tomatoe juice to lemonade. I got a Coke and then they offered me either pretzels or biscotti. I got pretzels, which were really good. After everyone finished their snacks, I looked out the window and could see many different lakes and lots of pine trees. That’s when

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