Aircraft Solutions Assessment Essay

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Course Project: Security Assessment and Recommendations
Aircraft Solutions
SEC: 571
Adam Grann
Professor: Reynolds

Weaknesses are a symptom that is prevalent in today’s information technology realm, indicating vulnerabilities and risks that come hand and hand with shared networks like Aircraft Solutions. With enterprises exchanging an unprecedented level of information over open networks, the vulnerabilities and possibility of compromised security by unwanted intruders is swelling up into a new type of beast. At Aircraft Solutions, there are several samples of concerns that could lead to a breach of information or compromised branch of their system. Due to the design of their geographical layout, secure connections that encrypt
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Well-developed BPM software can enable this level of protection and preventive maintenance for the network. With the implementation of new software often comes the introduction of various vulnerabilities. When introducing new software to a network, virtually lots of things can change during the install that may affect the integrity of the system. It is the job of he IT group to monitor all changes and secure the network again.

“Authentication processes can contribute to the protection of privacy by reducing the risk of unauthorized disclosures, but only if they are appropriately designed given the sensitivity of the information and the risks associated with the information. Overly rigorous authentication process, or requiring individuals to authenticate themselves unnecessarily, can be privacy intrusive.” (Guidelines for Identification and Authentication, October 2006). Each authentication system should fit its dedicated environment. At Aircraft Solutions, there are many users accessing the system on a daily basis with hundreds of messages being sent host to host with potential confidential data. A simple password authentication maybe not be viable if there are customers sharing the same network connection. PKI (public key infrastructure), a set

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