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Cabletronica U.S. is a mature successful cable and wireless company, which had just made an acquisition of WorldFurniture in New York. Through several researches, Cabletronica invested Cushy Armchair in Hong Kong, which strategically related to achieve expanding the scope of operation. Cushy Armchair is the well-known leader in global reclining chair business and has fully autonomous business group in 17 countries. Alison Sampson is the new leader of CA with abundant cable background financial knowledge, who announced new decisions to executives through e-mail after two weeks on the job. However, two months later, she found that no one responded her decisions.

1. Senior personnel change
The suddenly senior
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As the helm of CA, Sampson has to clearly and effective convey her decisions to executives. Because of the different communication systems, Sampson cannot achieve this task.There was a “lack of fit” between people and task. It is doubtful that Sampson can be a successful leader as Wong in CA. although Sampson got this appointment because the successful background integrating a lot of acquisitions in the cable industry and the high financial ranks, this was the first time she worked into manufacturing setting and worked with line managers. The limited experiences and understanding of armchair industry and CA led her to choose the ineffective communication channel to convey her decision, ignore the suggestion of Wong and make hurried thoughtless decisions.There was a “lack of fit” between structure and task. The task, in this part, is the customer satisfaction. CA performed decentralized model, the business groups of 17 countries can autonomous design and procurement in order to satisfy the different needs. However, because Sampson considered to greater centralization, she made decisions that all designs and procurement have to get approval from WF. The relationship between CA and WF is confused. Under the confused structure, it is difficult for the company to satisfy the customers’ needs absolutely.Goals 1.To hold midyear and end-of-year plenary meetings, and the next meeting will be hold at the end of year.2.To make six new designs

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