Essay on Air Shipment Will Give Customers A Better Brand Reputation

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Air shipment will give customers a “Wow” feeling and then they told a bunch of people which broadcast a better brand reputation in order to increase sales volume. Customers will have a distinctive kinds of fastest speeding purchasing that notably improve customer satisfaction compared with other rivals. It is considered as a competitive advantage compared to others and can simultaneously get the instant feedback to produce upgraded product(shoes).

Yes, it worth the cost. they maximized the utility within limited investment costs. In the early days, Zappos didn 't really have a choice; they couldn 't afford anything else except ground shipping. They can either spend it on marketing, trying to get new customers, or they can spend it on our existing customers and let them drive the word of mouth, and let them drive the “come back” to get best brand reputation and attract more customers to increase market share.

Because Zappos found that when customers no longer expected next-day delivery, they were again surprised when packages arrived the next day, especially when they had placed their orders late at night. Zappos changed to continue to increase delivery speed, shipping cost as a percentage of net sales (after returns) remained constant, even though the percentage of returns increased. By 2008, Zappos was one of the top three UPS overnight shippers, and worked closely with UPS to increase efficiency and drive down shipping costs.If Zappos decided to back off from its desire…

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