Air Products ICON Alignment

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Register to read the introduction… Alignment involves the activities that management performs to achieve cohesive goals across the IT and functional (e.g., finance, marketing, manufacturing) organizations. Therefore, alignment addresses both how IT is in harmony with the business, and how the business should or could be in harmony with IT. IT requires strong support from senior management, good working relationships, strong leadership, appropriate prioritization, trust, and effective communication, as well as a thorough understanding of the business environment. This article develops a methodology that leverages the most important enablers and inhibitors to business-IT alignment.
Subjects: Cross functional management; Information technology;
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Warren; Meadows, Caroline J.
Publication Date: 07/18/1994
Revision Date: 08/26/1994
Product Type: Case (Field)
Abstract: Presents the outcome of Air Products ICON decentralization projects. New issues are explored, including the challenges of having a decentralized MIS staff, global network, client/server architecture, new data center issues, outsourcing, a new highly strategic customer interface, object-oriented programming (OOPS), and the future of the MIS organization. May be used with: (192097) Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.: Project ICON (A).
Geographic Setting: New England; Pennsylvania
Industry Setting: Chemical industry
Company Size: Fortune 500
Gross Revenues: $3.5 billion revenues
Subjects: Chemicals; Computer systems; International operations; Multinational corporations; Telecommunications
Length: 13p
Supplementary Materials: Teaching Note, (196032), 9p, by F. Warren McFarlan

Title: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.: The Knowledge-Based Systems Team and the PIX Project
Author(s): Konsynski, Benn; Keil, Mark
Publication Date: 03/14/1989
Product Type: Case

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