Air Pollution Is The World Health Organization Essay

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“No PM exposure is safe, but the World Health Organization describes exposure to daily average PM 10 levels below 50 μg/m3 , as well as annual average levels below 20 μg/m3, as "acceptable."”
All of his perspectives express that people overly concern about Chinese air pollution. However, if we do not pay such a huge attention to it, how can people deal with a striking number of death?
According to Li Jing’s article “Air pollution is bigger killer in China than smoking, says new
Greenpeace study”4 (04 February, 2015) : “Tiny smog-inducing pollutants, known as PM2.5, led to about 257,000 premature deaths across the mainland 's 31 municipalities and provincial capitals in
2013, according to the study - an average of about 90 in every 100,000 deaths.” People have to work together in order to find a way to handle it.
1.4 Limitation
The limitation in this research paper is that the number of participant is too small, so it directly cause the questionnaire’s result is not very distinctive.
1.5 Suggest further research
Further research had better collect some Chinese children as a real example to make research paper more up-to-date and believable.
Chinese air pollution needs the whole China to pay huge attentions, especially to those new-born baby and them whose immunologic systems are not complete: our children.
There are nearly 175 days are polluted in China caused by smog and haze, half of a year. The fine particulate matter will affect the respiratory system to…

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