Air Pollution Is Destroying Our Planet Essay

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Air pollution is one of the several pollutions that is destroying our planet. Yet, people around the world lack knowledge and care for the damages they’re creating. Air pollution occurs when the air we breathe is contaminated with abundant amounts of harmful gases, dust, and fumes that arise when burning fossil fuels and using man-made machinery. Pollutants, substances that cause air pollution, that is launched into our atmosphere and poisons the air we breathe air primary pollutants. In contrast to secondary pollutants, caused by the merging and reactions of primary pollutants. Nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, sulphur oxides and lead are examples of air pollutants. These chemicals are released into the atmosphere because of human and natural activities.

Natural activities such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and wind erosions are causes we’re not able to fix. But human activities such as burning fossil fuels, industrial and manufacturing activities, and use of household and farming chemicals are the causes of human air pollution are fixable. We humans contribute to our own air’s contamination in ways we sometimes do not notice.

Mankind contributes to this by burning fossil fuels because we excessively rely on forms of transportation for moving goods and services. This includes driving cars, trucks, trains and flying airplanes. Emissions from these automobile engines contain primary and secondary pollutants. Fumes from car exhausts contain carbon monoxide,…

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