Air Pollution in Los Angeles Essay

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WRIT_140 Section 64259
JJ Strong
January 28th, 2011
Assignment 1 STRESSED OUT Being one of the biggest social issues in Los Angeles, Air pollution has two main reasons: vehicle traffic and population growth. Actually, it is in a such crucial level that scientists indicate that air pollution in Los Angeles may endanger peoples lives. Scientific researches show that the air pollution causes cancer and have an impact on pregnant woman. Advertisements shows us some solutions like making public transportation common and sustainable housing. With the growing population of Los Angeles, something has to be done . Otherwise it is going to be impossible to deal with the air pollution. Population growth in Los
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Apart from that, one of the possible solutions could be encouraging people to use hybrid cars. Recently, the government has made some laws and lowered the taxes of the hybrid vehicles. There is also a new sanction in California and in some of the states that encourages hybrids. Hybrid cars and also the cars that meets the California's ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) standard can use the carpool on the highways. All these steps are being taken to encourage people to have more environment-friendly automobiles.

Sustainable housing is also very important. Sustainable housing contains efficient use of energy and sources therefore it reduces wastes and pollution. It is also directly related to the population growth and since population growth is not slowing down it has to be applied to the city construction. If it is not applied there would air pollution would increase dramatically in time because more and more people need houses to stay everyday. Disregarding all of these solutions there is question that should have been ask. How did it come to this point? People does not really care about nature. What the reason behind that? People started to care about other thing as the life changes. We are living in a money oriented world. Day by day people start to care only about money. The reason for that is money became only way to have the perfect life, at least most of the people started to think this way. The happiness has changed. People's concerns

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