Air Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Air quality refers to the condition of the air that surrounds us and good quality clean air is essential to the health and well being of humans as well as animal and plant life on this planet. Air pollution, caused either by humans or the natural environment, lowers air quality and in have severe health problems and in high enough concentration can cause death. For example, the World Health Organisation estimated in 2012, 7 million people world wide died prematurely due to the effects of air pollution ("7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution", 2016). With such serious consequences many cities around the world 's are taking significant steps to keep the air we breathe and share with the environment as clean as possible.

Contact the pollution control authorities in your community for the levels or air pollutants. Identify main air pollutants and the possible causes of air pollution.

The unique geography and environment of Brisbane and neighbouring areas create an airshed more vulnerable to air pollution than most Australian cities. The surrounding mountain ranges help to trap and confine air pollutants while the warm subtropical weather combined with high levels of UV create ozone or smog until rain or strong winds are able to clear the air. Despite this, Brisbane 's air quality is considered quite good with lower levels, on average, of air pollution than the national standards set forth by the federal government (Brisbane City Council,…

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